Private Lessons

Private training sessions are a great way to make some immediate changes to you and your dogs life. We offer sessions in packages of 3, 4 or 6 sessions. 
For puppies under 6 months the best place to start is our puppy classes.

3x Private consults in or out of your home. The initial consults is split into 3 sections. 
  • They begin with a chat about the problems you might be seeing and what outcomes you are looking for
  • Practical training so you can see me train, and so we can start to fix things right from the first session
  • We finish with a Q&A, run through of everything we have discussed and to make sure you are happy with the plan
4x Private consults 
The first consult is in the home and covers everything from the Gold package. The 2nd is normally 1 hour walk and train session! We go out of the house, see where you walk and work on building engagement and confidence on a walk. The 3rd session will depend on what we need to work on
  • Everything from Gold package
  • 1 Hour Walk and train session
  • Sessions are not set in stone and will be adapted to your needs
6x Private sessions 
Everything from the Gold and Diamond Package plus an extra 2 sessions working specifically on the area you want most help with. This package is guaranteed to get you the results you want 
  • Everything from Gold and Diamond 
  • 6 sessions to help you with any issues you might be facing.
  • Phone Support in between each session and for 1 week after the last session
Things we regularly fix:
  • Recall 
  • Loose Lead
  • Over excitement
  • Puppy Biting 
  • Barking
  • Reactivity or aggression 
  • Fear
  • Separation

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