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Dog Training Events for 2020

27/12/2019 - News & Tips

Looking for learning opportunities? Adam Delderfield can help organise dog training events to help you and your canine companions.

Adam Delderfield strongly believes that by gaining a good understanding of canine behaviour, we can avoid getting into tricky situations with our dogs. Whether you are a pet owner, a pet health professional, a dog groomer or even a delivery person who regularly encounters dogs, knowing more about canine body language will be enormously helpful to you.

Adam took part in a several dog training events in 2019 and is planning more of them for 2020.

  • Understanding Dog Behaviour workshops – for veterinary nurses, pet owners, kennel staff and dog handlers
  • What’s that smell? An introduction to scentwork for dogs who would enjoy lots more mental stimulation
  • Teenage Tearaways – understanding and managing the adolescent dog
  • Pulling on the Lead workshop – practical tips for training your dog to NOT pull  on the lead
  • Recall workshop – a hands-on intensive course to teach your dog to come back to you every time he or she is called
  • Charity fundraising events – Help increase footfall at your event and add value for visitors with an informal Q & A session with Adam.
  • Permission based handling. An illustrated talk aimed at vets and vet nurses but also relevant to boarding/rescue kennel staff, dog groomers and of course dog owners.
  • Special requests – organisations wanting to expand their knowledge. Adam has a very broad repartee and is an engaging speaker

Practical dog training workshops
All dogs benefit from training. Fact. However in a general doggy lifeskills class, all of the participants have different needs. From time to time a dog might get “stuck” with one subject and need more intensive help. That’s what workshops are for.

I speak to dog owners on a daily basis who find that their pooch is perfectly behaved at home. Settles well, doesn’t wreck the joint, is polite to visitors etc. But as soon as they go out of the front door, the dog-owner bond is stretched to its limit by one or two tricky behaviours.

Pulling on the lead is one such behaviour. The other is recall. If walking the dog is challenging for either or both of those reasons, it becomes a chore. There’s no pleasure in it for the owner and the dog may learn to associate walkies with a telling off.

A dog training workshop generally consists of 3 -4 sessions that concentrate solely on one set of skills. There will be a small group of dogs and owners, each working towards the same goal. Favourite workshops at Delders Dogs include loose lead walking and recall.

Talks and demonstrations
A great way to learn more about canine behaviour is to leave your dog at home and come along to one of Adam’s talks or demonstrations.

In 2019, Adam spoke to some really diverse groups on different aspects of dogs and dog handling. For veterinary nurses and dog groomers, he explained the concept of permission based handling. (More on that in another article but it’s a good way to avoid being bitten by a stressed out pooch).

A different type of dog training event could involve talking to youth groups to promote more responsible dog ownership. Or chatting to delivery people and giving them the tools to stay safe at work.

Promotional events
Some of Adams most rewarding events have been for charity fundraisers and for promotional events at pet supplies shops. The concept is simple, Adam uses his wide social media reach to help promote the event, then, on the day, he’ll set up a small display, make himself comfortable and be on hand to answer visitor’s questions about their own dog training needs.

Having a dog-trainer on hand  - especially one as gregarious as Adam – makes the event more memorable and encourages loyalty from visitors.

Why not give it a try? Get in touch with Adam to see if he’s available to help

Where can I find out about dog training events near me?
Adams 2020 Event Diary is constantly being updated. To keep in touch with latest dog training events, please follow the Delders Dogs Facebook Page or sign up for our Tuesday newsletter.

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For dog training events across the UK
The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers hosts some fascinating courses that anyone can attend. Find out more here

How can I organise a dog training event of my own?
If you would like to host a dog training event, Adam is here to help.

Visit the Delder’s Dogs website to explore the possibilities.


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